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Free shipping for Nano CBD for CBD for ZAYN.  Buy a bottle of Pure Relief Nano CBD and send a free bottle of CBD to whoever you choose
With every purchase of Nano CBD we ship out a free bottle...
*To your Mom, Grandma, Friend, Co-Worker
*To a local Cancer Foundation or Pet Rescue Facility
*To a Veteran you know or Homeless Person In Need
*See all options here.
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     Our pets are more intuitive than we may think!  In fact:  New studies are finding that our trusted dogs & cats do more for their human companions than we could have ever imagined... (more)
Nano CBD For Cute senior dog sitting on top of a button hemp oil & Global CBD's pet care dog and cat CBD products page that includes cbd for veterinarians to give hemp oil to all animals
      We know CBD WITH NO THC IS SAFE FOR HUMANS, but can we GIVE OUR FURRY FRIENDS, OUR DOGS, OUR CATS, CBD OIL?  Can we give our puppies, senior dogs, or senior cats Pet Care CBD?   Are there CBD products besides just CBD oil for other pet needs and conditions?  If you have a special needs animal, is CBD something your veterinarian would turn to?  
     At the moment, what is known for sure is that CBD is possibly beneficial for our pets, it appears to be safe even when taken in high servings, and there are a number of anecdotal reports attesting to CBD being an effective treatment for various conditions in domestic animals. 
    THERE IS AN IMPRESSIVE & EVER GROWING MOVEMENT OF VETERINARIANS currently embracing the benefits of CBD for various aspects of our pets well-being.  With minimal searching, you will find results and testimonials on the topic from many respected professionals in the pet healthcare industry.  We are not able to list any studies about CBD on our website as we want to ensure we are compliant with FDA rules & regulations.  
     If your pet has health needs, please take them to see a veterinarian first, and ask them about CBD oil before giving it to your animal. Every pet is different and only your vet can tell you what will work best for your companion. You may be surprised to find that your vet is already knowledgeable and experienced with the exciting new option of CBD for animals.
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"Wholesale CBD Isolate, Distillate, Skincare, Nano CBD, CBD Edibles & More!"

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"We outfit our affiliates with their own private portal, access to training, marketing materials, and much more..."
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"If you are a Veterinarian please feel free to call us and sign up for our CBD FOR VETERINARIANS VIP ACCESS PORTAL.  Be the first Vet in your area to feature Nano CBD!"
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"Yes, it is true, free shipping on all our Hemp CBD Products (no hidden nonsense)!"
Our brand of CBD Oil products which include Hemp CBD Oil features Free Shipping on all orders of CBD.  Our founders focus on their mission:  Bringing CBD products to every person possible who may benefit from having CBD oil with zero THC in their life.

Global CBD is proud to say we also do not do that thing where we make you spend a certain amount of money on CBD before granting free shipping to your CBD product orders.  We just ship you your CBD for free no matter if you buy one CBD honey stick or you buy our Global CBD Pure Relief Nano CBD oil.

Our free shipping on all CBD products is proudly detailed below for reassurance.

We only ship Zero THC products within the United States through our website; however, if you give us a call at 1-855-733-7223 we will work with you to ship overseas.  This of course is not an issue for most countries! We look forward to talking to you about international shipping.  
If you are a CBD with Zero THC lover living in the United States, Global CBD rocks free standard shipping to you with a smile.  We also of course give you the option during checkout to upgrade to express shipping on your CBD order.  Once you have made your CBD product purchase you'll be sent confirmation of your Global CBD order being shipped to your front door!  

Yes, we have been rated the best online CBD website, the best place to shop for the best 3rd party tested CBD products including isolate, distillate, multi-spectrum phytocannabinoid rich oils,  skin and body care, drinkables, and hemp oils.  Don't forget CBD chocolate and honey as well, yummy!  

For clients wanting to buy bulk wholesale CBD or those of you that want to distribute CBD, please contact us so we can collaborate on activating your own personal portal with pricing crafted just for you!  We also offer an amazing Global CBD Affiliate program that gives you all access to your own portal which features a place for you to create your own CBD affiliate codes, Global CBD marketing materials & extensive education on our THC free CBD by!  Shipping details for Wholesale, Distributor & Affiliate shipping are inside each of the CBD portals for you after all access has been granted!  We look forward to working with you!

We let our lab tests speak the truth about the quality of our CBD and all of our hemp based products.  Remember, every product at is absolutely free of THC (Zero THC). Special features include our award winning products like the 1500 Nano Pure Relief and our CBD Skincare Line!

Our clients well-being is at the core of our focus, but then we also thought about all of our clients loved ones & created CBD FOR ZAYN so they can ship a free bottle of CBD every time they purchase one of our Pure Relief Nano CBD tinctures (free shipping included for the free bottle to a loved one)!

Recognized as the best online store for CBD & Hemp Products With Zero THC!  

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