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CBD is a multi-molecule cluster, our nano products have the CBD clusters separated and spun into individual Nano molecules, making the product much more Bioavailable and easily absorbed. A Nano product of 150 mg is equal to or equivalent of 1,500 mg of other products. Thus making the suggested service size much less.
CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is one of 480 molecules in cannabis. Our CBD comes from agriculture hemps stocks and stems. Our CBD is also 99% pure with NO THC. When you use our products you are getting the best value for the money.
CBD is anti-high. THC is the molecule in cannabis that makes people feel the psycho activity. Our products side effects are less stress and anxiety. One reason we get so much word of mouth advertising.
Global CBD products do not contain THC. THC is commonly tested for employment. CBD will not show up on pre, post accident, or random employment tests.
Once the CBD molecules are broken down we have the products mixed with organic fractionated coconut oil for even more benefit and healing, to help with flavoring we have a minimal amount of natural palm and citric acid added to the product.
Our products are three times tested to ensure 100% removal of THC.
CBD is an amazing molecule and the FDA is still actively doing research. Under FDA regulations we can not claim to treat or cure any disease from use of our products. Try our products for yourself and see what you think. We are sure you will agree that pure CBD is amazing! Please do your own research into the CBD molecule and its benefits. You can start at
Global CBD products do not contain THC. THC is commonly tested for employment. CBD will not show up on pre, post accident, or random employment tests.
Per FDA rule we can not discuss “dosing”, however each bottle has recommended serving sizes. Also on the Mayo Clinics website you can see dosing recommendations for some common conditions.
Global CBD Nano products: We are not medical doctors, therefore we are unable to say dosage. For “serving size” our suggestion is to begin with 5 drops a day, based on product benefits we may suggest for you to try 10 drops daily, 5 in the morning, 5 in the evening. You may either add to or lessen serving size based on your condition and benefits from CBD. For specific questions of a person’s medical condition suggest researching cannabidiol and “arthritis” or whatever the conditions on or For most medical conditions we suggest beginning with the $70, 150 mg Nano (equivalent to 1,500mg’s of other products), if benefit results are not found as expected with the 150 mg product, we would suggest to move to the stronger 300mg Nano. All other products are suggested to take a full dropper size, personal serving size may be increased or decreased based on results from the recommended serving size taken. Please see each product for specific ingredients and serving size suggestions.
All ingredients in every Global product are natural, ingredients are listed on the labels. Depending on what CBD is needed for. For instance our evening blend has other herbs such as chamomile and valerian root to help those who need a more restful sleep.
Our products are a sublingual tincture, based on serving size your will want to place your product under the tongue let rest for 20-30 seconds prior to swallowing.


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